SMCC's Boxers

SMCC's AKC reg. Boxers

     These are our five beloved boxers that live in our home with us they are spoiled rotten and they are very good at getting what they want from mommy and even better at it when it comes to daddy!!! They are a very playful bunch all five of them, with their very own personalities that are different each and everyone of them. Thats what gives them their own special place in mommas heart!!!  

     This is Aksel my flashy fawn  male (daddy to most of my puppies) he is 80-85lbs and very solid.  Every time I take him out with me I am always told how big and beautiful he is. I am very proud of "my little man" he has champions in his pedigree but for me he is just an outstanding friend and protector he loves his mommy very much as I do him!! :)   We are both sitting in daddy's recliner right now together as  we speak he is sleeping in my lap and I am squished  underneath  him but I don't mind at all:)

      This is Allie she is my little girls dog...She is 50-55lbs flashy fawn girl. She is a excellent mommy to her puppies and my kids. Allie loves to go to the lake, play ball, chase sticks and she can even catch a frisbee. If she could she would play from sun up to sun down chasing something the kids or I were throwing. She likes to sleep in with my kids curled up in the bottom corner of the bed until morning comes then she likes to wake them with doggie kisses:)

     This is Ashlynn she is my sealed reverse brindle (black) girl. I search and search for the perfect sealed reverse brindle girl to add to my boxer family and then I found Ashlynn. I had her flown in from MO. we picked her up and my son claimed her lol.  They are two of a kind my son and Ash. They love to investigate every thing and they always seem to find  mischief to get into. Their curiosity gets the best of them most of the time thats for sure. I will never forget  when  Ashlynn got stung by a bee her face swelled up, she looked so silly. Thank goodness I always have benadryl on hand for my family and boxers that don't know how to run from bee's..... I must say all and all I am very very happy with what she has become she is a beautiful boxer everything I was looking for and more!!!   

 Last but not least this is Chloe she is from Aksel  and Allie's first litter. I think she is very unique with her half sky blue eye, she also has beautiful marking and the sweetest personality there is. She loves everyone and cant get enough love from everyone. She will come up to you throughout the day and bump your arm with her nose and want you to pet her....She loves having the new babies in the house she is like a big boxer baby herself she wants to play with them all the time. She is a great big sister!! 

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