SMCC's Boxers

 Why must I share my kennel with him!!

Not everyone has their own personal nurse/heated blanket:) Aksel helps out when ever he can!!! He loves his kids!!!

 Snowflake after her hose bath!! Gotta love Ga. weather it makes the hose water like bath water lol!!

I think we need a bigger kennel:) Im not sure how they both even got in there!!

 Ashlynn.... All my boxers love to drink out of the hose:)!!


Chloe and Allie 

Daddy and Ashlynn after a long day relaxing and watching some TV... but not for much longer lol:) 

Cyle, Colleen, & Chloe playing in the dirt:)

 Aksel (Daddy) He may be grayer than he once was.... but he is still as spunky as he ever was. The Boxer who started it all for me AKA My Little Man..just not so little any more but you cant tell him that he still loves to sit in momma's lap:) 

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