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AKC reg. boxer babies have arrived!!! We had a litter of 6 boxer puppies born July 25 2012 (1 male 5 females)!!:)

 Shipping is available for usually around and additional $350 if needed:)

($350 covers ticket, crate, and health certificate needed to fly...)

These puppies are $1000 for limited AKC reg. pet price. We have 3 deposits still open for this outstanding boxer litter!!:)

They will leave here with AKC application (limited reg), health guarantee, utd on shots and worming, vet checked, vet records for their new vet, and pre-spoiled:)  I have references if you would like to talk to other families who have made one of my past boxer babies part of their family... I am willing to work out payment plans if needed for excellent loving forever homes:)

 Full AKC reg. is available to approved homes for additional cost, contact me for info on it:)

We only have 3 deposits still available don't miss out on one of these beautiful boxer babies!!!!:)  


Email us at Please DON'T respond to any other emails other than the one listed ( this is the ONLY email we use for our boxer puppies!!!!

Thank you:)

SMCC's Boxers~



Aksel.... Daddy                                                             Ashlynn.... Mommy

Female #1...More info to come... 

Female #2... More info to come.. 

Female #3... More info to come... 

Female #4...Reserved for Mike and Shannon!!!:) 

 Female #5...Gracie...Reserved for Deborah!!!:)

Male #1... More info to come... 

If you are looking for a well bred boxer puppy that represents the boxer breed standards here they are.. When Quality matters to you:)!!  Don't miss out... make one of these beautiful boxer babies part of your will be so happy you did:)



Our boxer babies have nice short square muzzles, great conformation and BEAUTIFUL markings... They are  boxers that will draw attention to themselves and make you feel really proud of them every time you take them out and about!!!... I know they will because I am always told how beautiful my boxers are everywhere we go!! Their personalities are very outgoing and they all love to be around their human family... We put allot of time/care into our little ones and it shows..:) If you would like I can give you my vets # and you can talk with her about the quality of boxers we have!! I guarantee you won't be disappointed if you add one of our little ones to your family:) Thank you for looking and I wish you the best in your search for your new fur family member!!!:)



     If you are looking for a family raised boxer baby from my family to yours you are in the right place...I will tell you a little about my boxer babies and how they are raised and taken care of here. When we are blessed with a new litter at 3 days old they visit my vet to be vet checked, have their tails and dew claws done, and they are wormed for the first time by my vet.. I then follow up every 2 wks on worming them.  When they are three wks old I start to introduce them to watered down puppy food. At the age of 6-7wks they go back to the vet to be checked again and have their first set of puppy shots.. I get a shot record  from the vet for each one of my little boxers to give to their new vet so they know what they have had and when it was done. At 8wk my babies get to go home with their new families for me it is bitter sweet you could say. I really get attached to each and every one of these little babies and I miss them allot when they leave, but I love introducing my boxer babies to their new families. I know they are going to bring years of love, laughter and smiles to their new homes and families. I strive to raise healthy, happy, great temperament, beautiful boxer puppies. I take great pride in my boxers and I want nothing more than to find them a family that is going to love and cherish every moment with their new puppy. While they are here with me I also work with them on baths, nail cuttings, kennel training (at bed time) and potty training all stuff you will be doing through out their life with you and what better time to start than when they are little.  I try to start them out in the right direction and make the transition from my house to yours as easy  on them as possible.  If you get a boxer baby from me you will be getting a great new addition to your family and you will be so happy you did. These babies are raised and cared for the right way how babies should be not outside in a cold lonely kennel.   $200  deposits will hold a puppy of your choice until they are 8wks old!!! All payments and deposits made are non-refundable...The remaining balances on my puppies are due in full when they are picked up at 8wks of age. I only except cash for the remaining balance. If  puppies are not picked up when he/she is of age to go to their new home a fee of $10 a day will be charged unless other arrangements have been made. Thanks~


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 All deposits and payments made are nonrefundable... Once you place your deposit / full payment for one of my puppies I turn away all other potential families for that pup and hold him/her for the family that placed their deposit first.. Please be 110% sure you want to add one of my precious boxer babies to your home and family before you place a holding deposit for one of them.. Thank you:)


 We do not sell to brokers, puppy mills, or pet stores. We will take back any of our
boxers for any reason rather than allow them to be placed in rescues, shelters, or pounds.



Shipping is available at an additional cost usually around $350... This fee covers ticket, health cert. and crate... You don't have to live in Georgia to make one of these beautiful little boxer babies part of your family!!!:) 

 As you can see raising puppies isn't easy and not for everyone it is a full time job for me lol (but I do enjoy having them and I look forward to future litters).  I am a stay at home mom and when we have a litter of babies my cleaning is doubled if not tripled. I am always cleaning, washing bedding, mopping, feeding, taking puppies potty all on top of my everyday house keeping and motherly duties. My boxers and their babies are well taken care raised in a clean, happy, healthy environment.... I also have references if you would like to talk with others who have made one of my past boxer babies part of their family:)


I don't allow anyone to my house while I have boxer babies.. People can carry different puppy/dog viruses on them without even knowing and I don't put my puppies at risk under NO circumstances... The health of my boxer babies is very very important to me.. I am extremely serious when it comes to keeping my puppies in a clean health environment.. I even make changes in our home during puppy time to help ensure my puppies well being..  Some might think this is extreme but to me I feel it is completely necessary to take every extra step needed to keep my puppies safe.  If a virus was to enter my home/property it would be devastating to all my little puppies, me, my family and to my new puppy owners awaiting their new puppies arrival.. Arrangements to visit with my puppies can be made after all my deposit puppies have went home with their new families and after they have had their first set of shots (if I have any puppies available)... If you would like to visit with my boxers when we dont have babies let me know and arrangements can be made.. Thank you for being understanding to my boxer babies staying healthy and happy for their new families:)


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 Daddy (AKs) and past puppy:)

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All deposits and payments made are nonrefundable 


Please take a minute to read:)

     Don't cheat yourself in your search for a boxer puppy get one that is going to represent the boxer breed standard when he/she grows up in every way they should. One that is properly bred with only the best interests for them at heart and that was planned from the beginning.  I think if you are looking for a certain breed you want them to represent that breed in every way possible from looks, temperament, personality ect.  If you are not concerned with breed standards and just want a loving fur family member please go to your local animal shelter they have many dogs in need of a loving family too. These dogs/puppies were brought into this world from careless breedings or there is some other awful reason they are at a shelter.  There are many great fur family members waiting for someone to take them home and give them all the love they could ever want so please consider your local animal shelter first... Im not writing all of this to just make a sale nor am I telling you to get one of my puppies.  I only want people to be aware of different breeders out there. I see allot of puppies produced for all the wrong reasons. They are many great breeders that try to produce  beautiful well rounded boxers for other families to enjoy. They produce excellent quality boxer puppies because they love boxers and enjoy sharing that love for the boxer breed with others. If I don't have a boxer puppy you are looking for please contact me I have no issue at all with and would love to help you find what you are looking for from another responsible breeder. I don't want any of my puppies to go anywhere they are not completely wanted by their new families as no responsible breeder would.  My personal opinion about all of this is if you as a breeder cant produce boxer puppies that at least represent the boxer breed standards in some way what makes anyone believe they are producing puppies with a good temperament either or that they are receiving the proper vet care before they go to their new homes. I am by no means saying I know everything about the boxer breed.  One of my main concerns is for those mass produced puppies that never get to experience the true love of a family they are sold to anyone and everyone for dirt cheap. Then when that family is done with them because the newness and want for a puppy is over the poor puppy gets throw outside to fend for themselves or given away and the endless cycle for these poor puppies never stops.  If given the proper care there isn't any way a excellent breeder could sell their puppies for less than nothing. Talk to any breeder out there that produces well bred puppies no matter what breed and they will tell you the same thing we don't make a killing on our puppies once all the vet expenses are add shots, worming, tails, dew claws, food, making sure our adults are in great health to breed, and just the basic care in general for both parents and puppies before and after puppies there isn't much if any profit made and we are alright with that we do it because we love what we do and we love to share our puppies with families/individuals that will love them as much as we do here. When you are looking for your new fur family member keep in mind that owning a puppy is a big responsibility and should be thought about greatly. When you are certain you are ready for that responsibility look for responsible breeders who really care about their boxers. Also know that you will have a boxer for every bit of possibly 14 years could be longer could be shorter and all of us true boxer lovers hope/pray for longer.  Please do your research, get references, take your time, get one from a breeder that truly cares about their adults they own and puppies they produce from them. Even if you have to spend a little more than you had planned it is all worth it in the end knowing you get a healthy happy well bred boxer puppy... I know things change that we can't control and just know that any boxer puppy I help bring into this world I will take back if their new family can no longer keep them for any reason. Thanks for taking the time to read through this and good luck in your quest for a new boxer baby. Thanks again for your time~


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