SMCC's Boxers

We have puppies!! 

SMCC boxers is very happy to announce their planned litter of boxer babies have arrived!!!!  We are taking holding deposits NOW!!!:).. If your 110% sure in making one of these well bred boxer babies part of your family please contact me to place your $300 non-refundable holding deposit !!!:) Pet prices will be $1200 for limited AKC reg. Families interested in Full AKC reg. breeding rights are an additional $800 to approved homes. We are very excited and know this precious litter will be an outstanding example of what we breed for here at SMCC's boxers!!!:)  ....updated on.. July 2016


     Thank you for visiting us... If you are looking for a well bred, healthy, happy Boxer puppy that represents the boxer breed  standards you are in the right place. If you are just looking for a puppy to put in your yard and forget about you won't find any here. I only raise boxers for family's/individuals that are looking for a boxer puppy to enjoy each and every day.  I take finding my puppies new homes very seriously as any responsible breeder should. I don't always have puppies, I only have a litter maybe once a year.  We only breed boxers here...we are not a kennel or puppy mill just a family with lots of  love and passion for the boxer breed.  Take a look around and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me. As you will see when you look around my site we are a small family of 4, There is myself (AKA Mommy,& Michelle), Scott (AKA Daddy), and our 2 kids. We enjoy doing most all outdoors activities camping, fishing, going for walks and just playing at the park together. When we are enjoying our time outside at the house our dogs are always outside with us. When we go else where to enjoy the day you can bet we will have a couple of our dogs with us too. I cant take them all at once, but I do rotate so everyone gets a chance to get out of the house and have a good time. Boxers are great kid dogs they have a connection with each other that is just unexplainable. Boxer are very smart easy to train (can be stubborn at times) if properly trained and socialized when they are puppies they will become the best family dog you could ever imagine. They are silly most of the time but if you love to laugh smile and get lots of wet slobbery kisses the boxer breed is one you should consider!!:) To top off they are also great protectors of your home and family making them everything you could want in your fur family member and more!!  

 Boxers are just all around great dogs!!


Look at this beautiful family of boxers!! Found this pic online and had to share it with other boxer lovers out there!!:)

  All deposits and payments made are non-refundable... Once you place your deposit/full payment for one of my boxer puppies I turn away all other potential families for that pup and hold him/her for the family that placed their deposit first.. Please be 110% sure you want to add one of my precious boxers to your home and family before you place a holding deposit for one of them.. Thank you:)
SMCC's Boxers

Another beautiful pic. I found online to share with the boxer lovers!!:) 

We do not sell to brokers, puppy mills, or pet stores. We will take back any of our
boxers for any reason rather than allow them to be placed in rescues, shelters, or pounds.

NO REFUNDS in ANY amount will be given if we take one of our boxers back (for any reason).. Thank you SMCC's Boxers

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